Treatment at DaVita

By choosing treatment at DaVita centres, you choose quality and safety.

From the very beginning, DaVita have placed great emphasis on improving the quality of treatment. From year to year, we obtain better and better medical results in dialysis patients. The adequacy of dialysis, anemia treatment and phosphatemia control in patients we care for, reach values consistent with international and national recommendations. At the same time, every deviation from high standards of treatment is recorded in a modern system designed to monitor such events. Then, as a team, we analyse the causes and introduce measures to make they do not happen again. Continuous development is one of our core values.

We not only care about the quality of treatment, but also about its highest possible level of safety. It is supervised by qualified medical, nursing, technical and support staff who, thanks to cooperation and development opportunities at DaVita, are constantly improving their qualifications.

DaVita's medical team also offers various educational programs for our patients to improve their health. One of them concerns optimal vascular access for example. This way we encourage patients to actively and consciously participate in this process.

Most importantly—we approach each patient individually. In addition to professional medical care, you can count on warm, caring and committed care. We want you to feel at home in our centre and we do our best to achieve it!

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