Dialysis centre in Malbork

ul. Armii Krajowej 105-106
82-200 Malbork
Telefon: 55 619 58 21

hemodialysis, nephrology clinic

Mon. - Sat.: 6.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.

Dialysis centre in Malbork

Are you looking for a place for dialysis in Pomeranian Voivodeship? Dialysis centre in Malbork is worth considering. If you choose this dialysis centre, you can count on great care of qualified specialists: nephrologists and nurses. They will take care of you during any hemodialysis treatment (extracorporeal dialysis) which we provide with the use of specialised dialysis machines. In Malbork you will find not only a dialysis centre but also a nephrology clinic where a nephrologist will help you with your kidney disease. If you feel kidney pain or have kidney cyst symptoms, a nephrologist will propose an appropriate treatment. And if you are travelling and thinking about guest dialysis in this part of the country, Malbork will be a very good choice. It is a town which has a lot to offer.


Malbork is a popular town in Pomeranian Voivodeship, picturesquely located by the Nogat River, between Tczew and Elbląg. Malbork is famous in Poland and around the world mainly for the magnificent Castle of the Teutonic Order. Its history dates back to 1276 when the Teutonic Order settled there. Currently, the former Castle of the Teutonic Order is a museum thanks to which you can learn about rich history of this order in Poland. Apart from historical buildings, there is also Dino Park - the first Pomeranian park with moving dinosaurs where you can also visit a fossil museum. For tourists who like to actively spend their time, Malbork offers boat cruises and swimming area by the Nogat River, a wide distributary of the Vistula River, where apart from sunbathing you can go on a cruise, e.g. to Biała Góra. Are you thinking about guest dialysis in the northern part of the country? In Malbork you can spend your after-treatment time in an interesting way.

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