Dialysis centre in Kołobrzeg – Łopuskiego

ul. Łopuskiego 31
78-100 Kołobrzeg
Telefon: 94 353 03 61

hemodialysis, nephrology clinic

Mon.-Sat.: 7.00-18.00

Dialysis centre in Kołobrzeg

Apart from the sea climate, Kołobrzeg also offers a dialysis centre providing specialised care. Our dialysis centre is complemented by a nephrology clinic. It is open for everyone suffering from kidney disease. Kidney pain or kidney cyst symptoms are a good reason for visiting a nephrology clinic. Our nephrologist will be able to help you. Kołobrzeg is also a good destination for guest dialysis patients. If you are on holiday in Kołobrzeg or if you travel around Poland, dialysis centre in Kołobrzeg is waiting for you.


Kołobrzeg, located at a place where the Parsęta River flows into the Baltic Sea, is the biggest spa resort on the Polish coast. Additionally, it is a commercial, fishing, passenger and military port. It is best to start visiting Kołobrzeg from the seaside district of spa resorts. Its important element is the port (the biggest in Poland) where you can see war ships which are open to the public during the Sea Days and on public holidays. Cruises organised on "historic" sailing ships are also a great attraction. Fresh fish, which you can buy directly from a cutter, are an additional attraction. There is also a lighthouse from 1945 at the port. You can enter its observation deck and admire beautiful panorama.

Kołobrzeg boasts one of the most beautiful beaches and one of the cleanest bathing areas on the Baltic coast. Beautiful 200-metre pier is impressive as well. Dune Promenade in Kołobrzeg is also a must-see tourist attraction. It goes through the seaside park to the amphitheatre and is one of the longest and most beautiful alleys by the Polish sea. It runs along the Spa Park, behind which the spa part of the city is located. Podczele, Kołobrzeg Forest is a district where you can rest from the city’s noise. You can get there from the city centre, e.g. using a cycle path, and wide beach as well as wild nature will be waiting for you. Podczele is also a paradise for military enthusiasts - it is something like an open-air museum of a Russian air base from the Cold War period. Hardened hangars survived up to this day and you can still see red stars on the surrounding buildings. Nowadays, motorcycle events and concerts are organised at the airport. You can also do air sports there. Are you thinking about guest dialysis in Kołobrzeg? You will surely enjoy your time there!

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